2DL -Foundation/Comprehensive Stndrd OSHA Safety Manual-Download
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Standard OSHA Safety Manual - General Industry

Standard OSHA Safety Manual - Chapters 1-32 (listed below) High-Risk Industries will require additional add-on Chapters.

Our “Standard OSHA Safety Manual” is 490 pages and it is “Hands Down” the most comprehensive safety manual on the market guaranteed. This “Standard OSHA Safety Manual” will cover most basic businesses, including medical offices, dental offices, hospitals, restaurants, catering, small offices, churches, daycare, engineering contractors, hair and nail salons, janitorial, pharmacy, retail sales, warehousing, upholstery shops, veterinary offices, warehousing, wineries & vineyards, x-ray/imaging centers and some general industry companies. The table of contents is listed below and lists all of the chapters included.  If you have a particular exposure that your employees are at risk to encounter and it is not listed in this table of contents for our “Standard OSHA Manual” then look through our list of add-on chapters and add each necessary chapter. If there is something in this manual that is not an exposure risk, it can be deleted during your editing.

Our downloadable “Standard OSHA Safety Manual” comes with easy to follow instructions that will walk you through the entire customization process on how to insert your company name throughout the manual body and on the header of each page as well. There are a total of 16 separate variables in order to fully customize your “Standard OSHA Safety Manual”.   


Table of Contents for the Download of our Standard OSHA Safety Manual


1  -  IIPP – Injury & Illness Prevention Program
2  - Code of Safe Work Practices
3  - Responsible Safety Officer
4  - Employee Health Services
5  - Bloodborne Pathogens / Biological Hazards
6  - Safety Training
7  - Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace
8  – Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
9  - Fire Safety
10 - Electrical Safety
11 - Globally Harmonized Systems
12 - Chemical Safety
13 - Hazard Communications
14 - Back/Lifting Safety
15 - Emergencies
16 – Personal Protective Equip. – PPE & Respiratory Protection
17 - Noise – Hearing Conservation & Hearing Protection
18 - Tools
19 - Ladders and Scaffolds
20 - Mechanical Guarding
21 - Materials Handling
22 - Building Management and Construction
23 - Heat Illness Prevention Program
24 - Environmental Safety
25 - Off-Site Safety
26 - Confined Spaces
27 - Hazard Signs/Warnings
28 - Traffic and Transportation
29 - Motor Vehicle Operations
30 - Ergonomics Computers
31 - Cumulative Trauma Disorders
32 - Kitchen Safety

High-Risk Industries will require additional add-on Chapters - Please look through our entire list of available chapters.


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2DL -Foundation/Comprehensive Stndrd OSHA Safety Manual-Download

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