B - ISNetworld® - Compliance Package B
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Compliance Package B – $3,600.00

With 3 Year Service Agreement

Exactly the same as “Package A”  but has 3 year Service instead of 1 year


MSQ Complete Evaluation and with Guaranteed Score improvements and Owner Client Grades if you are below an A or 90%:


  • Your MSQ completion score can be at 100% but still have a poor or unacceptable “Individual Owner Client – Dash Board Grade”: We will   bring up from a grading of “Incomplete or an unacceptable D or F grade and complete it and receive a grade of a B or an A. This includes –

      • Safety Grading: Below Expectations

      • Performance Grading: Below Average

  • Individual Owner Client MSQ Grading / Rating Raw score percentage improvement from F to a Passing or to and “B or A” scoring.

    Overall Dash board Grade evaluation and Improvement to Acceptable to Exceptional Level


    Safety Programs (RAVS®) – Submission – Review – Edits – Updates


  • Unlimited number of required RAVS® chapters/sections uploads revisions, additions, edits and updates. We fill out all of the Self Review & Gap Analysis sections and upload all of your required safety programs in PDF as required by ISNetworld®. We will also submit for review request. We will complete this process until you achieve a 100% approval.

    Access to unlimited number of RAVS® Safety programs as required. So if you add more “Clients” to your dashboard who you work for throughout the term of your service, we will provide and upload these new RAVS® Safety Programs at no additional cost. This way you can seek out new business and know that you will not have any additional costs or wasted time associated with updating your RAVS® Safety Programs. You will receive electronic updates of any updated additional programs after the initial printing of your entire RAVS® Safety Programs.



    Other Services


  • TRAVS – Submission – Review – Training and Edits – Updates.

  • OSHA Logs and EMR Letter submissions and updates.

     Provide you with any and all Written Health and Safety & RAVS® Programs -both printed & electronic files. Updates are provided in electronic format.


    Includes -

  • 3 years of updates and changes for your safety program keeping your company 100% compliant for 3 years from the date of purchase. Also includes any required chapter additions or edits.

  • 3 Year of updates to achieve 100.00% compliance with ISNetworld’s® RAVS® Safety Program Score.

  • OSHA Compliant Safety Manual Specific and Customized for your company (with 3 yrs of updates). Full Color Cover with your logo and your supplied custom pictures – Chapter Tabs

    ($700.00 Value)

  • “Certificate of Service” for the term purchased.

  • OSHA Forms.

    CD-ROM with all Items listed above.

  • Item #: ISN-Package-B

B - ISNetworld® - Compliance Package B

Price: $4,800.00
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