Fall Protection Training Booklets (pkg of 10)
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Watching someone slip and fall will usually make us laugh even though we know it may have caused an injury. Most of us have slipped at some point in time ourselves and have lived to talk about it. Unfortunately, there are many people that have fallen and did not live to tell about it. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, falls account for about eight percent of all workplace fatalities and more than 100,000 injuries occur each year as a result of falls. Falls really aren't something to laugh about!

This 16 page booklet is an excellent resource to compliment our training program, and addresses the following areas:
  • Standard Railing
  • Safety Nets
  • Covers
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS)
  • ABCs of PFAS
  • Required Fall Protection
  • Falling Object Hazards
  • Training


  • Item #: BP09-014

Fall Protection Training Booklets (pkg of 10)

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