ISNetworld® RAVS® Only – Safety Programs Service & Upload
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Initial set-up of “Unlimited” number of required RAVS® Safety Programs Chapters included with uploads,

revisions, additions, edits per single account or either USA, each Canadian Province or each State and

Territory of Australia.

We fill out all of the Self Review & Gap Analysis sections and upload all of your required safety programs in

PDF. We will also submit for review request by ISNetworld®. We will complete this process until you achieve a

100% approval. An annual update “Service Agreement” is a separate service and not included with this “Initial”

upload. Typically most companies have 20 or more RAVS® Safety programs. If you have 15 or less then it is

more economical to purchase our individual sections as described below.

Once you attain the RAVS® Compliance Score at a 100% you will be shipped your printed hardcopy with a

CD-ROM that will include all of your programs in MS word and Adobe pdf files.


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ISNetworld® RAVS® Only – Safety Programs Service & Upload

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