Poster Bundle State & Federal Required Posters
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Bundled Combination to include both State & Federal Combo for THIS YEAR - $44.95
Specific to your State and Federal Requirements.

This Bundle Includes TWO posters

Updated for THIS YEAR. Mandatory changes in labor law posting requirements occur regularly. The law requires employers to post all current labor law posters at each of their locations in areas frequented by employees during the course of the workday. Failure to comply with posting requirements can result in fines up to $17,000

This poster includes all required state and federal labor law notices that employers are required to post to inform employees of their rights. Select your state from the list provided to order this poster and/or see more information about state posting requirements.

SMOKE FREE - If your state regulates smoking in the workplace, you may be required to post appropriate "no-smoking" signage at building entrances, break rooms, and other designated areas as required by law. This means that you may need to display signage in addition to your all-in-one labor law poster in order to satisfy the requirements in your state. Be sure to review the relevant law in your state and contact your state's department of health to determine applicable requirements for your business and ensure full compliance with the law.

Laminated on both sides and printed in high-quality full color
Federal Poster Measures 24" x 26"

State Poster Measures 24" x 30"

Posters are guaranteed to be the most up to date versions available. All Posters Ordered are Specific to your State and Federal Requirements and are for the current year. If you order posters in November of this year, we will not ship until the most current poster has been updated and produced. These usually ship out in the first week of February. If you don't want to wait and need your poster as soon as possible, please make note in the comments section when you check out in the shopping cart.

  • Item #: Bundle - LP9FED & LP9-State

Poster Bundle State & Federal Required Posters

Price: $44.95
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